Thoughtfulness – Jan Swaffer

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Thoughtfulness – Jan Swaffer
The thing I remember most about Becky was how thoughtful she was of others.
She would call every so often just to chat & keep up to date on our lives
because we were so far away. She didn’t mind if Matt was not home, she was
just as comfortable talking with me as with him.

When I was dating Matt & she was dating another guy, she came up with a wonderful
little game to play. We were traveling together to come to her house for a
holiday & the guys were coming later, so she made up a set of questions for
them to answer. She also made a set for her & I to answer & when we had gotten
all together one night of the vacation, we read our answers. It helped us all
get to know each other better & we had such a fun time doing it.

She also was very good at sending encouraging notes. It was always refreshing
to get one from her because, no matter how awful you felt, her note would be
uplifting and telling you how great you were or what a good thing you had done.
She always believed in Matt and I and our family and she always made sure we knew it.

Family was extra important to her even before the cancer struck. When we were still
living in Indiana she used to love to babysit for Matthew (our oldest). One time
she tried baking something for someone she was dating at the time but we were out of
eggs. She tried substituting mayonnaise instead… but it didn’t work. We
laughed so hard!

At Christmas Matt always worked for FedEx, so we couldn’t go to see our families
until summertime, but David and Becky always had Christmas presents for our kids
when we managed to get out to see them in the summer. She loved to see the
expressions on the kid’s faces when they opened their gifts.

The summer that we lived in Michigan she organized Morgan’s birthday party. She
invited couples with small children so that Matt and I could get to know some of
her church friends as well as celebrate her daughter’s special day.

Another thoughtful thing she did for me when we lived there was invite me to join
the choir. I’d thought about it, but she helped me get started by going with me
which made it easier for me to get involved.

Becky was a friend to everyone she came in contact with, but to me she was a close
“sister / friend”. Even though I miss her terribly (as do all who knew her) I’m
grateful to know that we will be together again someday!