Piano Playing – Matt Swaffer

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Piano Playing and Music – Matt Swaffer
Becky loved to play the piano as we were growing up. I recall so many times she would play and quite often she would play very loud. I suppose growing up with three brothers she may have felt the need to be heard in the house! There is a picture on the web site of Becky sitting at the piano. One time I remember making her mad because I told her to stop playing the piano because it was too loud and I was trying to read a book… she got up and stormed off to her room. Then of course I got the usual lecture about “being nice to my sister” which is a lecture that, as a father of three boys and one girl, I have had the privilege of delivering on more than one occassion.

Dad played the harmonica and the trumpet, so music was a big deal in our house. Of course Becky also loved to sing and she had such a sweet voice, too soft to be a “professional” singer I suppose, but even as a teenager I remember admiring her lovely solos in church. There is a picture on the web site of Dad standing by the piano and singing a duet with Becky. When Becky and I both left home there was no one to play the piano at the church and so the solution was for Becky to record many of the hymns on tape to be re-played for the services. I suppose somewhere down in Missouri there is still a box of tapes with Becky’s piano playing.

On Becky’s grave marker is the quote “No one ever cared for me like Jesus” which many of you may recognize as the famous song written by Charles Weigle, the evangelist. Becky used to sing that song as a special in church and her voice would carry not just the words but a certain depth of feeling that can only come from someone with a heart as pure as hers. Even now when I hear that song the tears well up as I remember how much Becky loved to sing that song and how important music was in her life.