Cooking – Steve Swaffer

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Cooking-Steve Swaffer
Becky always seemed to have a love/hate relationship with food. Though she
eventually developed into an excellent cook, some of her early ‘experiments’
where quite interesting. Before she joined me at college, she was thoughtful
enough to send me some brownies. Since it was the thought that counts, I
tried to ignore the egg shells that came with them! The brownies were easier
to eat than the cake that she baked when she tried substituting salt for sugar.

When someone else was doing the cooking things were quite different. On
one occasion in college, I invited her to join Robyn and I on a date,
since at that time her social life was a little slow. I ordered two
pizza’s ( I think Little Caesar’s Pizza Pizza deal), hoping to have some
leftovers for breakfast. Robyn and I enjoyed one of them, while Becky
finished of the other one all by herself. I guess it was a good thing
she didn’t have to share with a date!